Červen 2015

30. 6. 2015

30. června 2015 v 19:53 | Elouise
Hey Cindy,

Ive been thinking during cleaning the toilette and I think that there are a lot of things in the world which I dont think are right. You see, I started learning Hebrew and I think that I should probably start to teach myself Arabic cause it will possibly get usefull and from the same reason I should probably also learn Russian. And the reason is that I think theyre gonna be the next bosses of the world and its sad but its true.

And you know maybe I coulda change a lot of things in the world if I would really want to and if I would work really hard you know, but maybe there are some things I shouldnt try to change even if I dont like them. Cause life and world are not always good but theyre not meant to be. You know, maybe there are just bad thing which are meant to be and happen. So maybe even if I would be able to change some stuff I shouldnt try to cause its wrong in some point of view you know. But how do I know, how do I recognize and differentiate?

Let me know when you figure it out,