Květen 2015

9. 5. 2015

9. května 2015 v 15:15 | Elouise
Hey Cindy,
lately Ive been thinking about how much is our life and the world around us made from our decisions. About a month ago I decided that Im trong enough to make my own decisions. And thats a change, a huge change. The moment when you realize that you are the one who decides about how your life is gonna be. We are made of choices we have and especially the ones we use and then we have to live with them. Sometimes (or maybe most of the time) youre forced to decide about important things in a moment. Its usually just a second which decides about your future. Sometimes I wonder how my life would go if I acted differently. If I said something different in an important time of my life. Well, I will never know that and I prabably shouldnt think about "what if" but sometimes its pretty interesting. If youre wondering whats the point of all these thoughts - it is the fact that right now I have to make a very important choice and I really have just no idea what to do. I know that you cannot help me cause in the end it all depends on me but Id like you to try to help me figure out what to do. Last month was a month of changes. And now it seems like my future is gonna be very changing, full of new experiences and new people. The main things is that Im gonna move to England for a year which will be very challenging and a great experience and a big change which if actually great even if I feel a bit nervous bout the whole thing. Im ready to do it, I just dont know yet how exactly. Cause there are two optional schools I can go to and each one has its pros and cons so its really hard (and also important) to decide. Hope youll help me, just let me know.