8. 4. 2015

8. dubna 2015 v 21:10 | Elouise
Hey Cindy,
I think Im falling in love with my best friend. And that is a problem. I mean: relationship always mess up everything so I dont wanna quit to be his best friends and start to be his girlfriends cause theres no way back (people say there is but it never actually happen cause its basically not possible). So I wont tell him until he would like it too (which I cant recognize but I guess if he would like it he would say something). Im OK with our friendship but its slowly starting to be not enough. I can control myself and not do anything but Im not sure for how long can I live like this. But I just really dont wanna loose him and Im really not good at long-lasting relationships (like I never actually had one, just ones and at that time I found myself cheating cause I just couldnt stand it anymore which I know is just awful but it is what it is). Oh God, how much I hate waiting... You know what I mean?
Let me know

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