10. 4. 2015

10. dubna 2015 v 22:05 | Elouise
Hey Cindy,
today Ive got a story to share with you (sharing with friends is always good). Its actually a story which happened to me like almost a year ago. It was somewhere between spring and summer and it was really hot so I wore just that shorts and a shirt and probably also sun-glasses but that was all. And I went out just because I couldt stay at home. I was gonna meet one of my friends but I had some time before that. And I was just around the railway station and when I was going down the street there just appeared one guy who stopped me and said "Hi" (he said it in english which was not a big deal cause I did understand him but it was aldo kinda weird cause it meant he is a stranger). Well, Im that kinda girl who is (almost) never afraid of anything so I answered and thets how the conversation began. It was nice, he invited me to cup of coffee (well, I couldnt say no to that ;)) and we talked. He explained he is from South Africa (he was black and around 26 I guess) and that he is just working here for a couple of onths for his company which sent him here. Then he asked me about myself and I told him Im 16 but actually at that time I was not yet 15. When he asked me if I have a boyfriend and then it just all started to be weird so I said yes and we decided to be just friends. He wanted to see me again as soon as possible but I didnt wanna see him anymore so when he asked me for my number and gave him the wrong one. In the end I said I gotta go to see my father cause we are going shopping (which was so silly and it had nothing to do with truth but he trusted me) and then with his plan to have a lunch and then go shopping the next time we see each other I left and have hopefully never seen him again. Hope he is back in Africa. I mean we had a nice time and everything but I just didnt want anything else. One time was nice but t for me it was just enough. Do you understand? There are just people you spend some time with and its really fun but you still sont wanna see them ever again you know what I mean?
Let me know,

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